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The initiators of the community of interests Griesheimer garden railroader are

(From left: Werner Zettl + Peter Ting)

Werner Zettl was already as 1 year with the “Railway virus” infected by giving him his father at Christmas a Märklin Railway.
He played extensively with the train, along with his father or friends until his body during puberty on other things showed interest. So he grabbed the model train once away.
Then business and personal changes came and a deep hole, barely time to think about the model railway.
When he met his current wife everything went better.
Years later he discovered his old railway, houses, trees etc. at his Father and he wanted to sell them in order
to buy a kit for a second remote-controlled truck for his two sons at Christmas.
But his two sons discovered the boxes with the railroad and they talk to the mother that they would rather have a railroad to play yet.
This then also made his wife very well understood clearly.
But since he only had a small apartment but had a very large terrace, an idea struck him.
At Christmas it was done, 2x LGB Starter Kit, switches, tracks and a Mogul (for Dad), the joy was great, the kids had the bedroom
and children’s room, he was lucky and relationship with other garden railroaders.
But it came as it had to, at some point he should break down all tracks in the apartment, because you could not really go in the
apartment without stepping on tracks.
Fortunately for him, it was March and he was able to build on the terrace its layout.
For 6 years, he had his “tram”, he had built about 2.5 tons of stone, gravel and crushed stone to a landscape with bark mulch on the terrace.
Then he could move into an apartment with a garden and it all started from new, but in the real nature.
This went on until after 3 years his lessor wanted to move in the same house.
As the lessor claimed the garden only for himself, he had to break down all heavy heart.
The fact that he now had no more his layout, he began with building locomotives and railroad cars, etc., which he made earlier, just now more often.
So he had the idea in the grounds of the house Waldeck even lay a few tracks and to drive there, in the beautiful landscape terrain, perfect for a garden railway.
He spoke with Mr. Nuccio Bertazzo, the manager of the house Waldeck and he thought it a wonderful idea.
He thus launched a project for young and old that is unique here:

The 1st Griesheimer Garden Railway event.

Peter Ting came 2009 to the first garden railway driving day.
Professionally, he has 25 years to do with the garden railway, as an employee of the Fa. Massoth Elektronik GmbH (Manufacturer of model train electronics).
He had in the early years at the firm. Massoth a garden railway. At that time all analog technology.
But because he did not have enough time, everything was sold again.
After the first garden railway meeting him had grabbed the virus again, he bought his first locomotive and thus it started again.
He is also the direct line for Griesheim Modell railroader when it comes to the digitization of the garden railway.

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